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Semi-Alien / Quarter God / Less Human – Chapter 2: Passenger | Uğur Aydın

This is the story of a hybrid and pure bastard who stuck with the question of  “Human or alien?”. And in this story, there are lots of acts of violence and slang than it might be due to the protagonist’s situation.

The different voice of Turkish literature, Uğur Aydin, whom the crownless prince of mysterious stories, tells the mysterious story of a SEMI-ALIEN, QUARTERLY GOD, LESS HUMAN | CHAPTER : PASSENGER who lives in a dystopian future world.




















Semi-Alien / Quarter God / Less Human – Chapter 2: Passenger | Uğur Aydın” üzerine bir yorum

  1. According to the first, it was a pretty static setup. You promise a future in spiritual imagery. I think it is good not to exceed the dosage in this regard. Entering the writing world like Okay Tiryakioglu will earn you negative points. Of course the discretion is yours. Believe me, cannibals and disgust do not interest me. I don’t want to live in such a dystopian environment. You are a promising castle. May your path be clear and your pen strong.

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